The Forest Hour Challenge

The Forest Hour Challenge

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1)Date April 11th (Easter Saturday)

2) Assembly time 6.30AM to collect bibs

3) Flag off 7AM

4) Charges Kshs.2,000/= (Adult) & Kshs.1,500/= (under 18yrs old)

5) Payment Paybill No.711462 Payment Account: Forest / Your name

6) It’s a running and MTB cycling event in a secure forested location called KEFRI (Kenya Forests Research Institute) Headquarters in Sigona, Muguga area – 23KM North West of Nairobi. Off Nairobi-Nakuru A104 highway .
It is a very unique trail challenge being done for the first time in this region.

7) This is lap racing i.e. Lap Running for be 8KM and/or MTB cycling for 14KM.
– Both laps will be covered within 1hr beginning 7AM.
– Everyone has 1hr to finish their lap, whether running or cycling.
– A new lap race then begins after each hour (on the hour) until last man/woman standing or until last sprint lap race at 11AM to determine the winning man/woman.

8) Maximum laps will be 5;
– maximum distance covered will be 40KM by runners and 70KM by MTB cyclists.

9) Anyone who does not finish their lap within one hour does not start the next lap race and hence disqualified/retired.

10) All participants get a beautiful finisher’s medal and get to plant trees in a selected section of the forest.

11) We shall have a support/hydration station at the 5KM point and at START/FINISH area.

12)Runners and cyclists can rest at the support START/FINISH area until the beginning of the next lap race at the hour start – which starts on the stroke of the next hour without fail. The start of the next lap on the hour mark also marks the cut off of the previous lap race for anyone who is yet to finish the previous lap on the hour mark.

13) Participants can either run or cycle.

14) Participants can (if they wish for a Duathlon challenge) alternate between running and cycling for alternate laps as per their wish and capability)

15) Participants using bikes are expected to ensure that their bikes are well serviced and in good condition to avoid breaking down within the trail circuit.

16) All participants get to learn more about how to sustainably conserve and improve our forests, learn more about the many nice things that KEFRI does and enjoy their beautiful place in Muguga

17) More details to follow for pre-arranged breakfast and round trip transport for anyone interested.


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Adults, Under 18yrs


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